The Carlswick Mythology (Book #5)

The Carlswick Mythology cover reveal.jpg


Ancient cultures destroyed by terrorists trafficking artefacts.

When recently recovered Syrian antiquities are stolen in the Greek Islands, Stephanie Cooper and boyfriend James Knox find their vacation interrupted as they help archaeologist friend Kerry and her Greek love Nico, try to recover the treasures.  When one of the missing artefacts turns up in London, suspicion falls on James, who is in financial strife following the death of his grandfather.

With antiquities traffickers also hunting for the relics, Stephanie and her friends become the target of their search. An irresistible clue sees Stephanie going against her better judgement and following a trail that leads to Geneva and Rome. Too late, she realises that there is more at stake than just two precious ancient artefacts.

The Carlswick Mythology is a fast paced, action packed novel infused with mystery, romance and history.