The Carlswick Affair Audiobook Sample

Click to listen to a sample of The Carlswick Affair Audiobook, narrated by Addison Barnes.

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It's no secret that many writers find inspiration in music. Music features heavily when I'm plotting and scheming, so I thought it would fun to share some of the songs that influenced the Carlswick novels and Shadow of Doubt. Be warned, my music tastes are fairly varied!

(You may need to download Spotify to listen (it's a free app). I know that's a pain but I wanted to use an authorised / legal music player that gives artists credit each time a song is played.) Enjoy.


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The clever people at Booktrack have combined two of my favourite things - music and books by taking a movie style soundtrack and synchronising it with individual reading speed. The results are amazing.

You can read the first chapters of The Carlswick Affair, The Carlswick Treasure and The Carlswick Conspiracy, with soundtrack, for free, by clicking the book covers below.