Book Journals

The Reader's Book Journal

An essential journal for Reader's and Book Lovers!

This handy Reader's Book Journal is the place to keep track of all of your reading experiences. Measuring 6" x 9" it's the perfect size for taking with you wherever your reading journey takes you!

The Journal has 50 book review pages for you to note the title, author, publisher, genre, your review and a 5-star rating system to record how good you found the book. This is a great resource to use when submitting book reviews or making reading recommendations to friends.

The Journal also includes pages to document:

- your all-important To Read list

- details of your Most-loved Authors, Fictional Characters and Villains

- Memorable Quotes

- your Top Books of all Time

- your Partially Read (but really must finish) list

- Ideas pages - for those moments when inspiration strikes

The Reader's Book Journal makes an ideal gift for any book lover.

Available in Paperback only from Amazon stores worldwide.


The Book Club Book Journal

The ultimate journal for your Book Club.

The Book Club Journal can be used by Book Clubs everywhere to keep track of the books you've read and those that are on the 'To Read' list. 

There is a page to record member contact details and your Book Club's 'rules', such as how often you meet, where you meet and the process for choosing your next book.

Whether you all read the same book and then meet to discuss it or whether you read different books in rotation, then this journal will help you to keep track of all of your reading experiences.

The journal includes some common Book Club questions to prompt plenty of lively discussions, along with a number of Book Club Reading Challenges to mix things up a little.There are 50 book review pages which can be completed by one or by several readers and includes a 5-star rating system for an overall Book Club score for each book you read. 

So, make the tea or uncork the wine and enjoy an afternoon or evening with good friends and good books.

Available in paperback only from Amazon stores worldwide.


The Book Lover’s Book Journal

The Book Lover’s Book Journal is just what you need to record the details of the books you’ve read and those that you want to read. It’s compact enough to take with you to the library or bookstore and will become a valuable resource enabling you to easily recall the details of that great book to recommend to friends.

Combining the best of The Reader’s Book Journal and The Book Club Book Journal, contents include: To Read List, Much loved Authors list, Reading Challenges, Memorable quotes and 50 Book Review pages. Design your own 5 star rating system for each book that you read!

Available in paperback only from Amazon stores worldwide.