The Carlswick Deception (Book #4)

Coming August 11th...

A stolen literary manuscript.

A murdered man.

A lost legacy.

A Shakespearean First Folio is stolen and a man murdered at an English manor house.

When Stephanie Cooper’s old friend, Scotland Yard’s DI Marks asks her to assist attractive young detective Luke Spencer on a case in Oxford, she is quickly drawn into the dangerous pursuit of a gang of literary thieves.

Stephanie’s boyfriend James Knox, guitarist with The Fury, is in Japan with the band as she and Luke follow a trail that leads from Oxford to London, Paris and Venice.

But when Stephanie takes an unnecessary risk, the stakes turn deadly. Can she stay alive long enough to expose the identity of the thieves, uncover the missing rare books and resolve her conflicted feelings for Luke and James?

Check out my Pinterest board for some clues as to my inspiration when writing The Carlswick Deception....